Download the Necessary Forms to Register With Our Club

New Dog Registration

New Owner Form

Please Note:

A purebred dog or puppy is eligible for ADR registration. When you purchase a dog said to be ADR-registrable, you should get an individual registration application from the seller. Once the application has been completed, you should submit it to the ADR. In about 21 to 28 days, you will receive your dog's ADR registration certificate.

Filling Out the Application

The registration application must be filled out jointly by the litter owner and the new owner of the dog, or the present owner the breeder of the dog must fill out the following:

A veterinarian verification letter of purebred (if a dog or puppy has not been registered).

  • Three pictures of the dog or puppy
  • Sex of dog

  • Color and markings of the dog

  • Date of birth

  • Transfer date

  • Name and address of the present owner

  • Bloodline (optional)

The new owner of the dog must fill out the following, including:

  • Name of dog
  • Address, city, state

Please note that each new owner must sign the application. It is crucial that all sections of the application are filled out correctly. Failure to properly complete the application will result in processing delays. When the application has been received and processed by the ADR, and ADR registration certificate will be mailed to the owner. The owner should examine the certificate carefully and report any errors to the ADR. It takes about 21 to 28 days to process an application.